NHHI Bowling

Bowling is all about one thing: knocking down as many pins as possible by rolling a heavy ball across an oiled lane. In NHHI Bowling, we do this on a weekly basis, even though we’re not particularly skilled bowlers. We don’t have any requirements for prior knowledge or skills because our focus is on motivation. We have yet to participate in competitions, student games, and the like, but we’ve organized friendly matches against other school’s (BI) bowling teams, followed by social gatherings. Socializing is the most important aspect for us. Our weekly bowling training is usually followed by a pre-party, a night out, an after-party, and everything that entails. In addition to weekly training sessions with socializing, we frequently have bonding events with women’s teams from NHH and other schools (BI). Every fall, we go on an international trip to get to know each other better. In 2018, we went to Budapest, and in 2019, we visited Gdansk. To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we have an annual Christmas dinner in line with Norwegian tradition.