About NHHI

NHHI is operated by a main board consisting of seven individuals. The board facilitates a diverse sports program with a focus on diversity, sportsmanship, and community. Throughout the year, the board organizes kick-off events for the teams at the beginning of each semester, NHHI vs. BIA, the sports day during the orientation week (FKU) and the Sports gala.



Kickoff is an event held every early semester, with a focus on competitions among the various teams.

Sports day

The sports day is a day during the orientation week (FKU) with a focus on sports, where new students have the opportunity to get to know potential future teammates.


NHHI vs. BIA is held every semester so that students from the two business schools can compete.

Sports gala

Gala with awards for sports achievements throughout a long sports year.

Recruitment week

The second week of the spring semester with training and tryouts for the various teams at NHH.