NHHI Squashjentene

Squash is an indoor racquet sport played by two players. The sport is considered highly physically demanding and requires a lot of concentration.

NHHI Squashjentene consists of 20 active members. We have two regular training days each week, with each member training on one of the days every week. We typically play in a division system with four different levels, allowing players to compete against opponents of similar skill levels. There is also a promotion and relegation system to ensure that the division matches the current skill levels of the players.

No prior knowledge is required to join the team, but it is advantageous to have some experience with squash or other racquet sports. We have a wide range of skill levels within the team, and there is room for players of all levels; squash is for everyone!

Apart from training, we organize several social gatherings each semester, including dinners, bonding activities, and pre-parties, in addition to trying to arrange an annual surprise trip (blåtur).