NHHI Softball is one of the few softball teams in Norway, consisting of 30 energetic and cheerful girls from various academic years. The team was founded in 2006, making it the school’s oldest sports team for girls.

Softball is often referred to as the female version of baseball, primarily because softball, unlike baseball, is also played by girls. Additionally, we play indoors and have our training sessions at Lehmkuhlhallen every Tuesday at 20:30. There is no official softball league in Norway, which means we don’t play matches against other softball teams. Instead, we try to play matches against other NHHI teams as often as possible and have had numerous challenging and enjoyable matches over the years.

None of our existing team members had experience with the game before joining NHH, and we do not require any prior knowledge during our recruitment process. However, we value a passion for sports, as well as a good attitude and willingness to put in effort. As a team, we place just as much emphasis on having fun off the field, and as a result, we have several social gatherings each semester. These include a summer party, fast and slow evening with Lacrosse, as well as several bonding events with other teams throughout the year.

We hold tryouts at the beginning of each fall semester and encourage both new and returning NHH students to participate. Information about tryouts will be announced on, as well as through our Facebook page ‘NHHI Softball’ Feel free to check out our Instagram ‘nhhisoftball’ for a glimpse into what we’re up to!