NHHI Parkettgutta

Futsal originated in South America but is now played all over the world, including in Lehmkuhlhallen. Although futsal isn’t a hugely popular sport in Norway in general, it’s among the largest student sports – and for good reason. With more speed and intensity than regular football, futsal sessions are a perfect break between lectures and study halls, especially when considering the benefit of playing indoors in a city like Bergen!

The “Parkettgutta” (Floor Boys) meet twice a week to train futsal on the finest floor in Lehmkuhlhallen, where magical moments are created that would even make Messi raise an eyebrow. We usually participate in one tournament each semester, in addition to the annual student championship in futsal, where we consistently compete for the title of Norway’s best student futsal team, which we won in both 2016 and 2019.

We in “Parkettgutta” love to give it our all on the floor, but above all, we are a very social group of friends. With everything from school parties and fraternizations to Champions League nights, summer parties, and trips on the agenda, there’s no doubt that this is a tightly-knit group. Throw in a good dose of soap culture, a cheeky student gala, and Morgan, and there’s little doubt that unforgettable moments are created both on and off the floor!