Do you ever wish you had an extra gear when you’re running to catch the bus? Or stronger calves when you’re going up Merinobakken? Then NHHI Mile is the solution for you.

We in NHHI Mile are a fun group of girls, around 30 of us. We have training sessions once a week where we test our top speed and mental strength in various ways. At Mile, we don’t focus on lap times, and our members include both former professional athletes and girls who prefer the comfort of their couch with a P-Max in hand šŸ™‚ The only requirement we have is that you’re excited to join us!

Moreover, we are a very social group, often referred to as the “chatterbox group.” We love running just as much as we enjoy a good party. That’s why we officially organize a beer mile within the team once per semester.

See you at tryouts!

And remember, it’s beer before the podium! šŸ»