NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben

NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben is an open group for anyone interested in climbing and bouldering. We primarily climb indoors, but if the opportunity arises, and Bergen shows its best side, we also have equipment for outdoor climbing. Some members of the club are big fans of bouldering and often visit the city’s various bouldering centers.

Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM, we gather at Lehmkuhlhallen for a group session. Additionally, climbing sessions are often organized throughout the week at places like Fantofthallen, Bergen Climbing Center, or Bryggeriet. A quick post on our Facebook group is usually enough; there’s always someone ready for a climbing session!

To be an active member of NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben, you need a “brattkort” (climbing certificate). This is required to climb and belay in all Norwegian climbing halls. We regularly organize “brattkort” courses and offer discounted prices for students. Additionally, some of our club members are certified to conduct courses and administer the “brattkort” test. We don’t offer courses regularly, but if there’s enough interest, it can be considered. Get in touch with someone on the board through Facebook or during training, and we’ll find a solution.

NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben is a relaxed group. No training is mandatory, and there are no membership obligations. Our goal is to be an inclusive club for anyone interested in climbing. The sport and the sense of community ensure that there are always many people at training sessions! In addition to group training sessions, we organize outdoor climbing followed by outdoor drinks and barbecues, social gatherings in the city, quizzes in the basement, or dinners/Christmas parties at members’ homes.

Do you have a “brattkort” and want to join now? Join our Facebook group: NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben.

Never climbed before/don’t have a “brattkort,” but it sounds tempting? Send us a message via email: klatring@nhhi.no or on Facebook!

Or even better: Show up on a Wednesday at 6:00 PM at Lehmkuhlhallen, try climbing for yourself, and have a chat with us!

NHHI Klatre- og Tindeklubben