NHHI Golf is a social and lively group consisting of golfers of all levels. We have a diverse mix ranging from plus handicappers to students who have only taken the introductory golf course (VTG-course). The group comprises both female and male students from all the school’s cohorts. NHHI Golf organizes weekly training sessions or course play at Fana GK, Bergen GK, or in simulators, as well as the occasional fun tournament, often team-based. Additionally, we have social events throughout the year, including Christmas parties, summer parties, and mini-golf evenings. We love to play golf, but most of all, we love having fun both on and off the golf course! Do you have a budding golfer inside you, or do you see golf as a potential ice-breaker in a professional context? Get in touch with us!

Check us out on social media to see what we’re up to:

Instagram: @nhhigolf

Facebook: @NHHIGOLF