NHHI Futsaljenter

Hello! We are a group of 25 football-loving girls!

Every week, we meet for football training, where the focus is on the joy of playing and camaraderie. To foster a strong sense of community, various social events are organized throughout the year – everything from evening meals and parties to fraternizations. Each semester, we participate in a corporate league where we play against other universities and businesses. In addition to this, we also take part in student tournaments like BC and Student NM.

Players who join the futsal girls have motivation, commitment, and a love for the game, basic football knowledge, and an interest in participating both athletically and socially!

Feel free to follow us on Instagram @Nhhifutsaljenter and like us on Facebook: NHHI Futsaljenter. For inquiries, contact us via email: futsaljenter@nhhi.no.