NHHI Fotballrypene

NHHI Fotballrypene is NHH’s only women’s football team. The squad consists of around 32 football-loving girls who enjoy each other’s company both on and off the field.

We train outdoors at Stemmemyren twice a week all year round. Additionally, we practice futsal in Lehmkuhlhallen from October to March. In the 2020 season, we are finally returning to 11-a-side football after a year off in the 7-a-side league. This means we’ll be starting in the 5th division, but we have a big goal of moving up to the 4th division again (and hosting the best promotion party ever!!).

One of the highlights of the year for the Ryper is the Student Games in Sogndal (NM in student football). We travel together with the NHH-FK guys and enjoy cup matches, hotel stays, and, most importantly, a super fun banquet at the end. The winner of Sogndal advances to the student European Championship, a goal the Ryper are aiming for in the upcoming year. The Ryper also participate in other tournaments, such as SL Bergen Challenge.

Our team includes girls of various skill levels in football. If you have played football before, the chances of making the team are very good. During tryouts and open training sessions, we look for girls with basic football skills who are motivated to be part of the Ryper.

Off the field, we are active in social events such as Internaften, NHHI Kick-off, Women’s Finance Day, and Uken. It’s also not uncommon for some of the party-loving Ryper to invite the whole gang along. In addition, our social responsibility officers organize bonding events, cabin trips, Christmas dinners, and New Year’s dinners with other teams at the school. During the NHH orientation week, the Football Ryper naturally join as “sveisere” (helpers), and this has been a great success since we started as a “sveisegruppe” in 2018.

The Football Ryper are run by a board consisting of eight girls: president, vice president, treasurer, equipment manager, two coaches, and two social responsibility officers (persoser). This provides excellent opportunities to take on significant responsibilities and gain experience in organizing a large team that is active both in sports and socially.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to send a message on either our Facebook page (NHHI Fotballrypene) or our Instagram page (@nhhifotballrypene).