NHHI Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a sport played in a hall full of sweaty guys, where you throw foam balls at each other. Clearly the highlight of the week. Most of us were introduced to the sport during gym class, and this is the key to one of our weekly training sessions. We take warm-up very seriously and usually play soccer for a good 45 minutes before we transition to our great passion.

We require no prior knowledge but prefer to focus on the joy of playing and the desire to learn!

Participation in tournaments and league play is limited, but if there’s an opportunity to play dodgeball, we seize it with both hands! These are typically school tournaments and student championships, and who knows, maybe even the National Championship?

The social aspect is the foundation of our team, and we’re no strangers to having a great time. Pre-games, school parties, themed nights, overseas trips, and get-togethers – one might wonder if we even have time to play dodgeball at all?