NHHI Cheer

NHHI Cheer was founded in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic female students who wanted to add something new to the long list of sports clubs at the school. Since then, we have done everything from cheer dance to stunting and are continuously working to improve the team’s performance in sports. We have training sessions twice a week. You don’t need any prior experience to join our team. We are looking for girls both with and without previous experience who are positive and willing to learn a fun sport.

At the same time, we place just as much emphasis on the social aspect as we do on the sports aspect, and we are therefore very focused on having enjoyable gatherings outside of training. We organize Christmas dinners, New Year’s dinners, and bonding events with other sports clubs. During the first-year introduction week at NHH, we participate in “Sveiseaften.” Additionally, we have had the honor of performing at various school events, such as the revue for the Student Games Bergen Challenge and NHH-Ballet. We hold tryouts every fall semester and warmly welcome all girls!